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    Services Offered

    Epidural Injection
    A spinal injection intended to reduce inflammation around the spinal nerves in the back and decrease pain in the back and legs.

    Facet / Medial Nerve Block
    A medial branch nerve block is a type of spinal injection to the facet joints. Facet joints are pairs of small joints between the vertebrae in the spine. This type of injection is intended to relieve back pain caused by inflammation.

    Joint Injection
    An injection into a specific joint for the purpose of decreasing pain and inflammation. Joints considered for injections are shoulder, elbow, knee and hip.

    Radiofrequency Lesioning
    A procedure in which special needles are used to create lesions along selected nerves and heat the nerves. Applying heat makes the nerve stop carrying pain signals to the brain. This injection is for back pain and builds on the facet injections to give longer relief to the patient.

    Sacroiliac Joint Injection
    An injection in the sacroiliac joints located at the bottom of the spine on each side of the sacrum. This procedure helps with low back pain.

    Spinal Cord Stimulation
    A small medical device implanted near the spine that uses electrical pulses to interfere with pain messages reaching the brain. This can be used for diabetic neuropathy, facial pain, low back, leg and arm pain.

    Trigger Point Injection
    An injection placed in the muscle and ligaments of the body to relieve pain. Trigger points are knots of muscle that form when muscles do not relax.

    Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment
    Evaluation of the patient's condition and physical therapy as appropriate to restore function, prevent disability, successfully manage pain, and improve the overall quality of life. *Referral required*